Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

     At Wolfe Family Chiropractic in Metamora, MI we believe that health is a family matter. When one member of the family is sick or injured, it impacts the family as a whole unit. Because of this, we know it is never too early, or too late, to make the right decisions regarding your family’s health.


     Prenatal planning can greatly improve a mother’s likelihood of having a healthy, successful pregnancy. Proper nutrition, exercise, and specific chiropractic care can help increase your body’s ability to adapt to all of the changes that pregnancy brings. Being proactive about your health prior to and during pregnancy gives you and your baby the best chance at thriving throughout the process! 

     During pregnancy, body changes occur rapidly to accommodate your baby’s growth. Chiropractic care can help your body readily adapt to these changes by ensuring your body is well connected through a fully functioning, unobstructed nervous system. In our Metamora office, we take pride in playing an important role in your pregnancy healthcare and watching your family grow! 


     Pregnancy and birthing are incredible, natural processes, which place a large amount of stress on a woman’s body. Post-partum, mothers are understandably focused on the health and comfort of their newborn child. It is important to remember the importance of the health and recovery of the mother during this period, as a healthy mother is able to more effectively meet the needs of her child. As the ligaments and tissue that loosened during pregnancy begin to slowly heal and tighten, post-partum women are likely to experience discomfort and pain related to instability of those areas. Couple this with the repetitive actions of breast feeding, carrying your new baby, hauling diaper bags and car seats, etc. and it is no surprise why most new mothers experience neck and back pain while adapting to life’s new tasks. A properly aligned spine and pelvis can help to improve recovery and increase your level of adaptability as you enjoy your new addition. For this reason, many new mothers choose to visit a chiropractor and have their spine checked, and adjusted if necessary. At Wolfe Family Chiropractic, we would always recommend that new mothers bring their newborns with them to their appointment so both of you can get checked! Find out more about pediatric chiropractic HERE. We look forward to continually serving Lapeer and Oakland County families!