Raindrop Therapy

High-grade essential oils for a healing aromatherapy experience

High-grade essential oils for a healing aromatherapy experience

     Offering aromatherapy massage using the Raindrop technique developed and taught by Young Living Essential Oils, our massage clients may experience a number of healing benefits. We feel that chiropractic care and therapeutic massage compliment each other well and we strive to provide quality options for individuals seeking natural health options.


When used appropriately by a knowledgeable professional, the Raindrop technique may:

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Help structural alignment

  • Balance body energy

  • Invigorate the mind

  • Shield the body from pathogens

  • Promote respiratory benefits

The following oils are utilized during the process:

  • Valor - Calming and balancing

    • Valor is an empowering blend that promotes feelings of Strength, Courage and Protection. It has been found to support energy alignment in the body.

  • Oregano - Highly purifying

    • Oregano is one of the most versatile and powerful oils. It contains immune strengthening and antioxidant properties and also supports the respiratory system.

  • Thyme - Powerful and penetrating

    • As a dietary supplement it’s one of the strongest antioxidant known. It supports respiratory, immune, nervous, digestive and other systems of the body.

  • Basil - Balancing

    • Inhaling can restore mental alertness and also restore sense of smell. Also used for fatigue and muscle soreness.

  • Cypress - Circulation support

    • Cypress helps to restore feelings of security and stability. It also supports the circulatory system.

  • Marjoram - Muscular tension

    • This soothing oil has a warming effect on the body and mind. It helps soothe muscles after exercise and also nervous tension.

  • Wintergreen - Soothes tension

    • Contains methyl salicylate and is soothing in massage for head and muscle tension.

  • Aroma Seiz - Relaxing and soothing

    • This oil helps provide soothing comfort. It is recommended to be used after exercise or a stressful day. Great to help massage away life’s discomforts.

  • Peppermint - Released tension

    • One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for digestion and has been traditionally used to ease tension

   Call (810) 212-1200 to book an appointment for Raindrop therapy! Please note that a fee may be administered for failure to call 24 hours in advance for cancellations. 

     Gift certificates for massage services are available at our office or by mail. Please call us at (810)-212-1200 for more information.