Webster's Technique


     The Webster Technique is a specific and unique method of analyzing and adjusting the pelvis, if necessary. The Webster Technique focuses on the restoration of pelvic balance, proper motion and nerve transmission in the pelvis. Webster Technique is safe and effective in individuals of all shapes and sizes, including pregnant women. Dr. Hannah utilizes this technique with patients in the Lapeer, Metamora, Oxford and surrounding communities as needed. 

     During pregnancy, the proper alignment and function of the pelvis and surrounding nerves is an important consideration. Pelvic misalignments and/or interference to the nerves which control the function of the uterus and pelvic floor muscles may place undue stress on the mother and/or child. Pregnant women undergo substantial physical stress due to the changes in weight distribution, hormone levels, and nutritional needs that accompany pregnancy.

     To maximize health and minimize negative impact to mother and child, regular chiropractic care provided by a doctor certified in Webster Technique should be incorporated into prenatal and post-partum health plans. At Wolfe Family Chiropractic, we are happy to have Dr. Hannah, a Webster Technique Certified Chiropractor available to our patients in Lapeer, Metamora, Oxford and the surrounding area. For more information regarding Webster's Technique, feel free to visit the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association's website.