Halloween in Moderation

Lessening The Impact Of A Treat Oriented Holiday

     Dr. Alex and Dr. Hannah had a great time serving apple cider and hotdogs to the Metamora community along side the Metamora Lions Club last night!  

     As we all wind down from Halloween and look around at the piles of candy collected by the kids, this is a great time to remember that the key to a healthy life is MODERATION! Over indulging in anything (including fun-sized Snickers) can negatively impact your health and have long term consequences. Teaching this lesson to our children early on can help set them up for good health in the future.  Be sure to place reasonable boundaries on your children (and yourselves) to make the candy last longer and give you all a better chance at a healthy November! We have heard of parents placing a 1-2 piece limit on candy packed in lunches or a 1-2 piece after dinner dessert rule. The point of these limits isn't to suck the fun out of Halloween, its to ensure your children understand that the decisions they make have a very real impact on their health.

     Looking for a way to get the candy out of the house all together? Consider checking with your local dentist offices to see if any of them offer a candy "Buy-Back" program where kids can turn in their candy for cash and the office will donate the candy to American service men and women. If this isn't available in your area, you can always consider "buying back" the candy yourself to help your child pay for that toy or game that will last them much longer than a pillowcase full of Gobstoppers ever could. This is also a great way to earn some brownie points with your coworkers as you stock to office candy dish for a couple of weeks. 

     However you decide to address the Halloween candy craze, know that the doctors and staff at Wolfe Family Chiropractic are here to help you and your family achieve you maximum health potential!